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About Course

Our course is thoughtfully designed in such a way that learner gets the Real Time Investment banking & Equity Research exposure. Learner is not necessarily be from finance background, as our course ensures that Basic finance & account concepts are covered in detail with real time examples.

It is 80% practical with industry used case studies.

Our assessment & presentation evaluations are similar to top investment banks & equity research firms Our expert trainers are on hand to help answer any questions you might have along the way.

Content Of Course

Module 1
Basic Formula
  1. Formulae that Add/Subtract/Multiply/Divide
  2. BODMAS/Formula Error Checking
  3. The Sum Function
Absolute Referencing Problems with Absolute/Relative Cell Referencing, Creating Absolute/Mixed References LOOKUP Functions
  1. The VLOOKUP/HLOOKUP Functions
PIVOT Tables
  1. Creating, Formatting Simple PivotTables
  2. Page Field in a PivotTable
  3. Formatting a PivotTable
  4. Creating/Modifying a PivotChart
  1. IFs and Nested IF Functions
  2. Using AND/OR/NOT Functions
Pivot Tables – Advance
  1. Adding new calculated Fields / Items
  2. Changing the Summary Function
  3. Consolidate Pivot table
Module 2
LOOKUP Functions – Advance
  1. MATCH with VLOOKUP Functions
  2. INDEX & MATCH Functions
  3. OFFSET/ INDIRECT functions
Logical Functions – Advance
  1. If Loop and Nested IF Loop Functions
  2. Using IF/ISERROR Functions
Chart Data Techniques
  1. The Chart Wizard
  2. Chart Types
  3. Adding Title/Legends/Lables
  4. Printing Charts
  5. Adding Data to a Chart
  6. Formatting/Renaming/Deleting Data Series
  7. Changing the Order of Data Series
Date/Time Functions
  1. Using the Today
  2. Now & Date Functions
  3. Using theDatedif/ Networkdays/ Eomonth Functions
  4. Using theWeeknum Functions
  5. Using theEdate/ Networkdays.Intl/ Weekdays.Intl Functions.
Text Functions Using
  1. The Mid/ Search/ Left/ Right Functions
  2. Using the Trim/ Clean/ Upper/ Lower Functions
  3. Using theSubsitute/ Text Functions
  1. Input Messages / Error Alerts/ Drop-Down Lists
  2. Conditional Formatting
Module 3
Advanced Filters
  1. Extracting Records with Advanced Filter
  2. Using Formulas In Criteria
Advanced Sorting
  1. Sorting by Top to Bottom / Left to Right
  2. Creating / Deleting Custom List
  3. Sort by using Custom List
Hyper / Data Linking
  1. Hyper linking data, within sheet / workbook
  2. Linking & Updating links between workbooks & application
Math & Trigonometry Functions
  1. Using SUMPRODUCT Functions
Statistical Analysis
  1. Conduct sensitivity and ‘What if Analysis’, Scenario Analysis, Dashboards, Interactive Financial Models, Monte Carlo Simulation
Financial Functions
  1. Loan Amortization Schedule and functions like PV, FV, PMT, Rate, Nper, IPMT, CUMPMT, etc
Module 4
Summarizing Data
  1. Creating Subtotals/Nested Subtotals
  2. SUBTOTALS Formula
  1. Creating/Working with an Automatic/Manual Outline
  2. Grouping / Ungrouping
  1. Consolidating Data with Identical/Different Layout
Using Auditing Tools
  1. Displaying/Removing Dependent & Precedent Arrows
  2. Evaluate Formula – Step IN/ Step Out
Custom Views
  1. Creating Custom Views
  2. Displaying Custom Views
  3. Deleting Custom Views
Sharing and Protecting Workbooks
  1. Sharing Workbooks & Tracking Changes
  2. Protecting sheets / workbooks / Files
Importing & Exporting Data
  1. Importing Data from Database/ Text Files/ Web
  2. Exporting Data
  3. Changing External Data Range
Module 5
Dashboard Preparation-
  1. Dashboard for MIS, Analysis, different dashboards for different business types and business segments, will include a self-assignment (formulas like offset, advance formatting, macros, hyperlink, etc.)
Advance Pivot Formatting, grouping, computing %, Summarizing Values, Auto report Generation –100s with a click, Calculated Fields, Connecting Multiple Sources of data, Use of Slicer and Report Filter to create quick dashboard, Pivot charts, Power pivot and Power View –Introduction, and other Advance features, Consolidating data across multiple table.


Duration of Basic Latest Tally Prime Course : 1.5 to 2 Months

Batch Timing

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Benefit with us

  1. Understand practical issues faced with EXCEL with the focused FAQ session
  2. Gain experience of computer-based practical training on Excel
  3. Get knowledge on recent amendments & their challenges
  4. Resolve doubts on EXCEL during & after training
  5. Real-life cases and experiences shared by EXCEL experts


1. Increased salary percent

With the course certificate, the salary of the people working in the financial sector may increase by a significant amount. They are also likely to get a superior and advanced job position with increased perks.

2. Improved Career Progress

The course certificate may also increase the chances of getting in a better position at the workplace. They can make the work of the individual with this certificate extra inevitable in the tax sector than the ones not having it. They may accelerate the career path with less effort and give better outcomes for the given Hard work.

3. Improved Skill set

The certification course in goods and services tax can also increase the taxation skills of the professionals. They can also provide skills to individuals eager to learn about the indirect tax system. So the people can learn extra about the indirect taxes easily and get a clear picture of their EXCELdetails.

4.Sophisticated syllabus

Unlike some other courses, these certification courses have a better understanding of the syllabus with many types of course delivery. They could even be learned with online classes if the individual has previous experience or a better understanding of the taxation system.


  1.,, MBA Finance
  2. There are as such no prerequisites
  3. Student of any field can enroll
  4. Graduates, Undergraduates, 10+2
  5. Business Owner
  6. Commerce Subject Students

Salary Package

Salary Package is around Rs 4,00,000 to Rs 6,00,000  as per Industry Standard.

Exams & Certification

Training Earning Certification is Accredited by all major Global Companies around the world. We provide after completion of the theoretical and practical sessions to fresher’s as well as corporate trainees. Our certification in Latest Tally at Training Earning is accredited worldwide. It increases the value of your resume and you can attain leading job posts with the help of this certification in leading MNC’s of the world. The certification is only provided after successful completion of our training and practical based projects.

Job Roles After Training

  1. Student can assist his client in developing Accounting and Book keeping Framework.
  2. Freelance Opportunities.
  3. Student can do accounting of Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises.
  4. Student can be a master of Statutory Compliances.
  5. Preparation of Books of accounts for all types of Audit work.
  6. Huge opportunities to work as a Account Manager, Assistance Account Manager, Compliance Officer, etc.
  7. In BPO or KPO as a Excel Expert.